The essence does not mix with the others.

It doesn't disappear easily.

At times when these are not intended, they suddenly appears the way.

The essence is more special because it is pure.

The real thing is not forced or fancy.

The real thing is natural and perfect pure.

When you couldn't have the control,

if something is added,

It is just so stylish.

There's only a short time to be stylish.

This means that the expiration date is short.

also human and feeling, if these are no more honesty, the veil will soon come off.

SIM GYUNSU was a recipient of the International Color Awards 11th annual, and London International Creative Competition.

He is a fashion and fine art photographer and director living in south Korea. based in New York, South Korea. 

SIM GYUNSU is currently working on pure naturalistic fashion and portraits projects based on nature.

also, he directed the music video and choreography film, album & book design project, and also performed the album project of kpop singers.


In he free time, SIM GYUNSU enjoys pla-model, movie, and read a essay. 

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Awards & Accolades




| Awards & Accolades |

- International Color Awards 11th Annual 2017, Nomiee, Fashion

- London International Creative Competiton 2017, Winner, Honorable mention, Fashion

- International Photography Awards 2018, Winner, honorable mention, Advertising, Beauty.

- International Photography Awards 2018, Winner, honorable mention, Fine Art, Portrait.

- Tokyo International Foto Awards 2018, Winner, honorable mention, Advertising, Beauty.

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